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Penile enlargement

Penile enlargement without surgery


Quick procedure lasting 30 to 45 minutes, without pain.

Minimally invasive procedure which does not leave a scar.

The patient arrives and walks away right after the procedure.

Immediate recovery to perform daily activities.

Guaranteed and visible results instantly.

The normal and sensitive functions of the virile member are not affected.

Results with temporary and permanent effects.

Increase the thickness and length of your member.

Biological fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did penile enlargement without surgery revolutionize genital aesthetics?

After analyzing multiple studies focused on sexual well-being, it was concluded that a man with a thicker penis generates up to 5 times more pleasure and confidence than one with a longer length. But the fear of surgery made the patient give up on obtaining those benefits and led to the creation of non-surgical penile enlargement, which, although it also increases length, focuses mainly on expanding the circumference of the penis, both in the flaccid state and when erect.

What is the size obtained after the procedure?

The increase can be up to 6 centimeters in diameter and 90% of the elastic capacity in length.

How long does the effect of endodermal fillers last?

The effect obtained will depend on the type of enlargement the patient requests. There are two options:

  1. Temporary: 2 to 4 years.
  2. Permanent: for life.

What are the benefits of penile enlargement?

  • Increases our partner’s pleasure
  • Increases confidence and sexual performance
  • Avoid scars and painful recoveries

What is the importance of going with qualified professionals in male genital aesthetics?

In 2017 the prestigious TIMES magazine published an article in which it was stated that up to 70% of those surveyed would prefer to lose one of their hands rather than their penis. This indicates that the value that man attributes to his virile member is very high.

Therefore, going to unqualified people due to low costs could lead to partial or total loss of penile function.

How long do I need to return to my daily activities?

Recovery from the procedure is immediate, and you can resume your activities without problem at the end.

How long should I wait to have sex again?

In 2 weeks, you will be able to return to your sexual activities and enjoy the success of the technique with your partner.

Does the penis suffer any damage regarding its sexual function?

The virile member will not suffer any damage to its sexual, reproductive, or sensitive function.

Does the procedure have any risks?

The procedure is entirely minimally invasive, so there is no risk.

Penile enlargement with acellular dermal matrix


Outpatient procedure.

It is performed with local anesthesia and minimal sedation.

Immediate return to daily life.

It can be performed in conjunction with circumcision.

Permanent results guaranteed.

Mainly increases the circumference of the penis.

The sexual, sensitive, and reproductive function of the penis is not affected.

Penile enlargement with ultrafiltered fat (LIPOGEMS®)


No scar and immediate return to work.

Surgery with local anesthesia and minimal sedation.

Permanent results.

Disadvantage: Some irregularities can be felt, but they are not visible.

Quick and outpatient procedure.

Guaranteed results instantly.

Section of the penile suspensory ligament


Totally outpatient procedure.

It is performed with local anesthesia and minimal sedation.

Immediate return to daily life.

Does not alter sexual function.

The virile member does not suffer any damage.

The sexual, sensitive, and reproductive function of the penis is not affected.

The results are permanent.

It can be performed in conjunction with other genital aesthetic techniques: Enlargement with acellular dermal matrix, hyaluronic acid, and LIPOGEMS® technology

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Testimonials from my patients


More than 700 opinions from our patients support us.

Me sentí muy cómodo con el Dr. Ayala Lizarraga, me explicó detalladamente mi padecimiento e hizo que me quedara más tranquilo después de la consulta, le agradezco mucho por su tiempo y su atención.

Fernando Ruiz

Tuve una experiencia 10/10. Pienso que tiene un criterio muy acertado el Dr. da confianza y se toma el tiempo para explicar cualquier duda. Muy recomendable 100%.

Antonio de Jesús Castro

Excelente recuperación después de mi operación. El doctor es muy amable y explica bien todo el proceso. Excelente atención, lo recomiendo 100%.

Erik Fragoso

Service was excellent, my visit went smoothly. Communication leading up to my visit was great . All my questions and concerns were answered.

K Williams

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