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Wart removal

What are genital warts?

  • They are caused by the human papillomavirus, a highly contagious skin disease virus with malignant potential if it is not removed on time.
  • There are more than 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of men and women.
  • The most common serotypes are types 6.

Risk factor's

  • Having unprotected sexual relations with multiple partners.
  • History of sexually transmitted infection.
  • Beginning of sexual life at an early age.
  • Have a compromised immune system.



Removal of genital warts with laser

The most effective and safest way is to remove genital warts with laser energy.

Benefits of laser genital wart removal

Only topical anesthesia is used.

Does not generate any pain.

Recovery to return to your routine the same day.

Thanks to the laser, the wart lesion and its root are eliminated.

Virtually invisible scar.

Guaranteed removal of the lesion without risk of recurrence.

Testimonials from my patients


More than 700 opinions from our patients support us.

Me sentí muy cómodo con el Dr. Ayala Lizarraga, me explicó detalladamente mi padecimiento e hizo que me quedara más tranquilo después de la consulta, le agradezco mucho por su tiempo y su atención.

Fernando Ruiz

Tuve una experiencia 10/10. Pienso que tiene un criterio muy acertado el Dr. da confianza y se toma el tiempo para explicar cualquier duda. Muy recomendable 100%.

Antonio de Jesús Castro

Excelente recuperación después de mi operación. El doctor es muy amable y explica bien todo el proceso. Excelente atención, lo recomiendo 100%.

Erik Fragoso

Service was excellent, my visit went smoothly. Communication leading up to my visit was great . All my questions and concerns were answered.

K Williams

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